Staff 100% Vaccinated

Staff 100% Vaccinated

As of June 2021, 100% of Detox Juice Bar staff and employees have been FULLY VACCINATED.

We would like to thank the government of Thailand and local health authorities for organizing, administering, and providing what we considered a smooth vaccine rollout.

We would also like to thank all the front-line medical professionals for all the sacrifices they make daily to ensure public safety, especially during this pandemic. Your dedication, commitment, and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.

At Detox Juice Bar, we take your safety seriously. We have taken significant steps to ensure the safety of our clients and employees by practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, and following daily cleaning checklists.

Detox Juice Bar is open daily 7am to 5:30pm Tuesday thru Sunday. We are fully stocked and like to take this time to welcome you back. Feel better, look younger, detox!