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About Detox Juice Bar


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(Detox) For me, it started about seventeen years ago in California. My neighbor was part owner of a local juice bar. This was my first experience with drinking WheatGrass and fresh juice on a regular basis. After doing this I started to notice a difference. My energy level was up, I was sleeping better and I lost weight. I was also lucky enough to learn how a good juice bar is run and what’s important. For my partner, she started juicing about six years ago. She also noticed a change for the better and this was the beginning of Detox Juice Bar Phuket.

In September 2012, Detox Juice Bar Phuket was started as a business and from a hobby. Today we serve 100% freshly squeezed juice made to order. We use centrifugal juicers and deep soak all our fruit and vegetables. We grow our own organic WheatGrass and serve it in 1oz shots. At Detox Juice Bar Phuket we try to buy as much produce locally to support Thai farming.

Welcome to Detox Juice Bar Phuket where we believe in freshness, cleanliness and fast service. Please stop in, or sign up for one of our daily detox programs, we would love to earn your business.

Hours:  Tuesday – Sunday  7:00am to 6:00pm

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