Phuket Nutritional Juice Cleanse

Phuket Nutritional Juice Cleanse


Six years ago a friend of mine went on a juice fast. Her observations? The drinks were nasty, but she lost a bunch of weight and did, in fact, feel “cleaner” afterwards. The experience sounded magical.

Now it’s six years later and the juicing thing refuses to die. Juice-based businesses have popped up in many places. Juice-fasting proponents claim that fasting helps with weight loss, rids the body of toxins, reduces cancer risk, aids digestion and boosts the immune system. Where I live, juicing is no longer solely the province of aspiring actresses, hippies and health freaks.

My skepticism gave way to curiosity. I’m active, I usually eat healthy foods…but let’s just say I could lose a few pounds. My Midwestern upbringing led me to eat a lot of red meat over the years, and while I’m pretty good about getting regular exercise, I have the portion control skills of C.C. Sabathia. I know what I should do to lose weight, but often don’t. My problem is willpower.

Which is why the idea of a nutritional cleanse appealed to me. Health professionals say that you shouldn’t think of a nutritional cleanse as a long-term weight loss solution, and I didn’t. Instead, I was drawn to the challenge. Could I go three days without food? For most of my life, I hadn’t gone much more than three hours between meals. If I could complete a cleanse—going 72 hours without chewing anything—the improvement to my willpower would far exceed any temporary weight loss I might experience.

In the end, I have to confess that there is a magic property to juice fasting.  It’s something that’s not for everyone but since my juice fast I have taken up healthier habits because of it.

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You can sign up for one of our Nutritional Cleanse by calling +66 84 762 6056.  Our Detox Program is only ฿1,000 per day.  The length of your Detox is up to you.

G. Carlson

G. Carlson

Detox Juice Bar Phuket is owned and operated by The Carlson Group Consulting Co. Ltd. Greg Carlson is a part owner of Detox Juice Bar. Greg was born on the West coast America and raised in Texas. His juice bar experience comes directly from a successful juice shop owner and good friend located in Long Beach California.
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